Position: Producer
Categories: House, Tech-house, Techno

Producer based in Austria.

Watching Cassy eagerly dive into her record collection is a joy. Away from the transcendent spaces she continues to play at most weekends, her vinyl-digging series Talking About My Records on Instagram gives ample opportunity to engage with her endearing excitability. Its concept being spurred by moving back home to Austria and reconnecting with a stacked vinyl stash, you can feel the buzz gained from rediscovering lost gems and rinsed B-sides. Keen to share this experience with whoever’s watching, what makes this series stand out is the sense that Cassy’s enthusiasm and faithfulness to the music that fuels club culture has been revived. We’re seeing the beginning of a new era for Cassy.

Flip through the two EPs that she released in 2023 on her label Kwench Records, and you’ll get a good feeling of where she’s at with her confidence as a producer and label head. On E.T. Ascension, Cassy utilises Roland’s 808 and her computer in a bid to honour her roots. Eager to strip it back to the basics, sending waves into the past when she was living in Berlin using that exact minimalist setup, she’d feel connected with herself again. “It’d been a long time since I’d used an 808. It was nice to revisit these feelings using the machine, lean into my weirdness in producing music and also use my vocals. I’m super proud of this record. It gives me that kick to get more and more creative with every release.” Ultimately, Cassy has liberated herself from the pressures of blasting through a checklist according to whatever the dominant standard may be. Representing herself in a true and sincere way is all that she demands.

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