Annenberg Inclusion Initiative (The Music Coalition) – A project which is involved in industry engagement, research and advocacy to create diversity and inclusion in the music industry. The aim is to cultivate an inclusive culture for equality among artists, musicians and employees.

Beats by Girlz – A global organisation with chapters worldwide, providing access to tools, resources, education, and community for girls and women+ in order to increase representation in the music production and music technology industry.

Bitesize Bodacious Babes Podcast – A podcast by women in music.

Estelle Rubio’s YouTube Channel – Music production tutorials, help, tips and tricks.

EQ50 – A collective of womxn working towards fairer representation within drum & bass. They host events and workshops as well as offering mentorships.

Female DIY Musician Website – guides, courses, tools, tips and tricks in order to encourage women to start recording and producing music and get involved in music tech.

Femme House – Providing courses and education in the technical areas of music production, mixing  and engineering.

Girls Twiddling Knobs Podcast – A podcast by Female DIY Musician, for those eager to start self-recording their music.

Good Vibes Only (Hustle Podcast) – A podcast with music industry interviews, business and marketing advice and education for aspiring DJs and producers.

Headliner Radio (2% Rising Katie Tavini and Rookes Podcast Episode) – A podcast episode featuring 2% Rising co-founders who discuss the ongoing fight for gender diversity in the music industry.

Headliner Radio (Femme House,  Women in Audio Podcast Episode) – A podcast episode featuring Femme House co-founders, who talk about creating more opportunities for women, trans, non-binary and other marginalised gender expressions in the technical areas of music.

Keychange – A movement for a sustainable music industry through supporting talented but undersupported artists and encouraging organisations to take a pledge for gender equality.

Liina Turtonen’s Female Audio YouTubers You Need To Follow (List) – A list including links of women, trans and non-binary audio educational YouTubers.

Liina Turtonen’s YouTube Channel (LNA Does Audio Stuff) – Music production tutorials, tips, tricks and music.

Music Leaders Network – UK leadership programme that brings together mid-career women* from across the industry and establishes them in a deliberate peer-to-peer network.

Music Production for Women (MPW) YouTube Channel – Music production tutorials and podcasts encouraging aspiring music producers.

Normal Not Novelty – Workshops and networking to encourage female sound engineers, DJs and electronic producers.

Rhythm Sister – A London and Bristol based DJ collective and community promoting and supporting rising talent. They put on parties, curate line-ups, DJ together and host panels and workshops for DJing and Music Production.

Saffron – A music tech initiative, providing courses, workshops, events and support for women and non-binary people in music tech. – A global community of women and gender minorities in the music industry. They are involved in networking, campaigning, mentorships, events, advocacy and promotion.

Sisu – A community providing a platform to educate, inspire and showcase aspiring women and non-binary DJs and producers.

Small Green Shoots – National Portfolio Organisation dedicated to increasing career opportunities for underrepresented Young Adults who want a career within the music and creative industries.

SoundGirls – Network and community providing scholarships, mentorships and workshops and assisting with job placement and business development.

The Creator’s Suite Podcast – A podcast with conversations with women in music production.

Upfront Producer Network – A network for women, non-binary and trans music producers. Provides workshops and showcases, listening sessions and songwriting camps.

WISWOS – Research projects with a mission to tackle issues of inequality and gender bias in sound and music technology.

Women’s Audio Mission – An organisation based in San Francisco/Oakland, which provides training courses.

Women in Radio – Career advice and training in radio.

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