2% RISING (Facebook Group) – A space for women and gender minorities who are music producers and sound engineers.

All Hands On Deck – An open-deck party and Manchester-based DJ collective allowing women, trans and non-binary people to try their hands at DJing out in a low-pressure, all welcoming, and inclusive environment.

BBZ – Black Queer Art and DJ Collective.

Discwoman – Platform, collective and talent agency based in New York.

EQ50 – A collective of womxn working towards fairer representation within drum & bass. They host events and workshops as well as offering mentorships.

female:pressure – An online database and network of female and non-binary DJs, musicians, composers, producers, visual artists, agents, journalists and researchers.

Hospital Records – Women In Drum & Bass (Facebook Group) – A group by Hospital Records and Hospitalitydnb with a mission to grow the female* Drum & Bass community and encourage more womxn to get involved in DJing, producing and behind the scenes.

Maricas – A Barcelona-based LGBTQ+ collective, party, booking agency and record label.

No Shade – A Berlin-based collective that runs club nights and DJ training programmes for female, non-binary and trans DJs.

Not Bad For A Girl – A home-grown ethically-sourced collective of women who just want to have fun. Born from a shared love of music/events and hatred of gender inequality, they are all about equal opportunity, equal pay and equal parts spirit and mixer. Based in Manchester and beyond.

Plasma DJ Collective – A DJ collective for women, trans, non-binary, queer and questioning humans.

Psy-Sisters – A global arts collective and record label providing an online platform to support female* electronic music artists. It is a network of female* artists in the underground psychedelic trance scene, hosting events and showcasing their respective talents.

Rhythm Sister – A London and Bristol based DJ collective and community promoting and supporting rising talent. They put on parties, curate line-ups, DJ together and host panels and workshops for DJing and Music Production.

shesaid.so – A global community of women and gender minorities in the music industry. They are involved in networking, campaigning, mentorships, events, advocacy and promotion.

Sisu – A community providing a platform to educate, inspire and showcase aspiring women and non-binary DJs and producers.

SoundGirls – Network and community providing scholarships, mentorships and workshops and assisting with job placement and business development.

The Creator’s Suite – A community and networking for women in music production.

Women in music networks – links to networks for women+ in the music industry.

WXMB 2 – A community connecting womxn in the music industry through events and advocacy in order to take on inequality in the music industry.

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