Position: Producer
Categories: Drum & Bass

Producer based in Albuquerque, USA.

Cori Benedict, also known as Danky, was born and raised in California surrounded by a family filled with musicians. Growing up playing classical piano, trumpet and guitar, she found producing music was an easy choice to bridge the gap between electronic and real instruments. Initially Danky produced many genres including HipHop, Juke and Future Beats. However, she realized it was a match made in heaven when she discovered Jungle and Drum & Bass music when she was 15. With a new and vast genre to explore, Danky continued to take influence from Drum & Bass and from all genres to create her unique style. Having produced for 6 years and developing her style, she has gained the support of many and has been released on Samsara Beats, Black Marble Collective, MalLabel Music, Onyx Recordings, Onset Audio and more.

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