Position: Producer
Email 2: hezekinapollutina@gmail.com
Categories: Electro, Tech-house, Techno

Producer based in Vienna, Austria/Lagos, Nigeria.

Active since 2003, from NYC to Vienna and now Nigeria, G.rizo keeps her funk evolving as a singer, DJ and producer, making and playing disco, electro and techno strains of dance music. G.rizo (nee Ihu Anyanwu, born in 1973) is a singer, producer, DJ and performer based in Vienna and Lagos. Specializing in pop and funk-based dance music, G.rizo has a versatile range with over a decade of musical excursions in electro, dub, hip-hop, disco, techno and house. With an eclectic palate, and an asymmetric interpretation of dance music, G.rizo, as put by Negative.ch, “provides dance music for sophisticated minds.” Haven released singles for a decade as a singer, on labels such as Codek Records, Gigolo Records, Citinite, and featured on releases by In Flagranti, Patrick Pulsinger, Alexander Robotik, Donovans, Maximilian Skiba, Dubblestandart, Disco Doubles, Gerhard Potuznik, and I-Wolf, the release of “Active Methods EP” in 2014, with its single “Its Happening” (which Spex Magazine described as “80’s mythical futurism”), gave a hint at G.rizo’s potential as a producer and song writer. Since then she has been exploring and experimenting with new equipment, recording with other musicians and performing live, in preparation for a long-awaited full-length album, to be released in 2018. Aside from making music, G.rizo also runs her own record label, Hezekina Pollutina. In addition, she has facilitated singing and music production workshops (Electro Hammam) in Vienna and Munich.

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