Pooja B/Ikigai

Position: Producer
Categories: Techno

Producer based in Germany.

Djing since 2009, Pooja B started producing music under the alias ‘ikigai’, which in Japanese means “the thing that you live for”. Her reason for being is to make people dance.
Pooja B (she/her) is an Indian artist who is now based in Berlin. Her sound was heavily influenced by the music she heard here when she first visited the city back in 2016. Her idea of techno is a skittish exploration of time and space in this dystopian world. While futuristic, loopy, industrial sounds for dark clubs are her signature style, she can skillfully adapt to play music for outdoor spaces which still have a sprinkling of her special flavour. She co-founded The EQ Way collective in India and curated ‘The EQ Way’ radio show on Flux Music (Berlin), which provided a platform for female-identifying & queer artists to showcase their music to a wider audience. She hosts a bi-weekly radio show called “ikigai” on India’s primary community radio, Boxout.fm which is a journey diving into realms of dark industrial techno.
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