Position: Producer
Categories: Deep House, Indie Dance, Tribal
With origins linking back to Italian shores, nomadic artist TIMANTI has spent much of the last decade refining their own style into one that weaves a tapestry of organic and electronic sounds from around the planet and beyond. Fluid and liberated from genre limitation, Timanti’s sonic alchemy transports listeners on an ethereal journey widening the boundaries of perception. Each set is carefully channeled, inspired by nature for each environment, traversing across Ambient, Tribal and Ethnic Rhythms to more club heavier styles. As founder of the Tribelife collective; an experimental collaborative community project for Inspired Dreamers to explore The Arts, Adventure and Fulfilled Conversation, TIMANTI and the Tribe are pushing the boundaries of nightlife as we know it; as well as nurturing various art projects and providing a supportive network for young pioneering creatives from all corners of the globe.
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