Position: Producer
Categories: Electronica, Techno

Producer based in Illinois, USA.

Adrenaline-spiked video games have soundtracked the youth of millions global-wide for decades. Immersive worlds elevated by pulsing scores have long gripped imaginations, and Chicago techno producer, DJ and video game developer Zvrra is an artist whose dynamic craft can be credited to the console. It was Rockstar’s street racing game Midnight Club II that kick-started Zvrra’s love of techno’s sundry rhythms as the soundtrack featured a strong supply of cuts from esteemed producers. Galvanized by her gameplay, she quickly began experimenting with her own sound. That was nearly two decades ago and Zvrra’s output has explored a multitude of genres and styles ranging from techno and house, to hip hop, dark ambient, tribal and industrial, with her being a deft hand in blending styles and crafting concept albums. Since 2020, Zvrra has been breaking through the ranks and rising to prominence. Records such as her self-released Flow State techno EP bagged her high praise in all the right corners with Luke Slater, Umfang, Indigo Kennedy, DJ Girl, Dustin Zahn and Ben Sims being among those to support her works. British techno linchpin Shifted is another who took notice, saving her a sought-after slot on his imprint Avian for her debut LP Bizzaroland. Dropping at the end of 2021, the absorbing, tension-driving nine-tracker spans ambient, techno and noise, and firmly secured Zvrra’s reputation as an artist in a world of her own in concocting distinct, intricate soundscapes. Beyond self-releases and record label dispatches, her music features on HBO Max’s South Side series as well as a TV commercial for the streaming giant. As for DJing, Zvrra’s shrewd selections have largely been heard across the airwaves with regular guest slots on Rinse FM and The Lot, as well as being tapped by Dekmantel for its crowd-pulling podcast series. And as her productions continue to thud across dancefloors, she’s eager to clock in behind the booths of hallowed clubs and festivals worldwide. While music production has taken precedence over video game development, in the near future fans of her sonic ammo will be able to explore her three-dimensional creations as she’s developing a game called Dauntwood with plans to release it on Steam, Xbox and other major platforms.

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