Arya performed her first production work in the psychedelic genre 10 years ago.  She graduated from the Faculty of Communication with the thesis “Music as a Means of Communication and the Production of Female Images in Popular Music” in the light of Fetishistic and Pornographic examples. In 2019, she had her first live performance at …

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Producer based in London, UK. As a DJ, Saoirse is confidently in control of her sound. A sound that is the product of an already long and varied musical journey. Her interest in and comfort with such a range of genres means she is capable of effortlessly weaving sounds together, with equal measures of ease …

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DJ Kiwi

Producer based in London, UK. London based Kiwi has created a sound all of his own over the past 4 years Receiving support from DJ Harvey, DJ Tennis, Optimo, Andrew Weatherall, Daniel Avery, and Erol Alkan to name a few.

Mala Herba

Producer based in Vienna, Austria. Mala Herba is a solo project of a sound artist and queer music activist Zosia Hołubowska. Based on traditional music, magic and demonology of Eastern Europe, Mala Herba explores queerness and sex-positivity. Powerful, witchy vocals are weaved into hypnotic beats, cold base lines and romantic synthesizer melodies. There’s something gothic …

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