Moore Kismet

Producer based in Los Angeles, USA. 17 y/o DJ + producer + actor + visual artist // they/them

Dani Deahl

Producer based in Chicago, USA. As a prominent figure in music, Dani Deahl has been at the forefront of artist discovery and meaningful industry change for over a decade. She currently is a DJ, producer, and public speaker. She also covers the intersection of music and technology for The Verge, helms YouTube series The Future …

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Whipped Cream

Producer based in Canada. Vancouver Island based, WHIPPED CREAM aka Caroline Cecil, has spent her life fully immersed in music. After several different pursuits, WHIPPED CREAM has found her niche, producing and playing hip hop influenced dark bass music. Her style transcends multiple genres and creates a feeling that can only be described as ‘limitless’.


Producer based in Los Angeles, USA. CRAY, short for Cheney Ray, is not actually an abbreviation for “crazy.” However, the LA-based producer, DJ, artist, and gamer has been effortlessly styling Crocs and cultivating a fan base at a rate that could be defined as such, thanks to her sincere nature, genre-defiant bangers, humorous observations on …

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Ninth Child

Producer based in Los Angeles, USA. NINTH CHILD is the paradoxical production alias of Los Angeles based performing artist, Natalia Benson. Pulling from the etheric as well as her love of underground bass – NINTH CHILD is as much a visual project as it is a musical one making her self produced visual content and …

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