Julie Marghilano

Producer based in Germany. Julie Marghilano, founder of Sol Asylum records and party residing in Berlin’s cherished Club Der Visionaere/Hoppetosse will always be pushing herself beyond the horizons of musical limitations. Julie Marghilano is a multi talented musician and performer – trained classical violinist, daughter of a jazz musician father and vocalist mother, her roots …

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D. Tiffany

Producer based in Canada. Sophie Sweetland, known professionally as D. Tiffany, is a Canadian DJ and electronic musician. Originally from Vancouver, British Columbia, Sweetland is known for her electronic music and for founding the underground label Planet Euphorique. She is also known for her solo and collaborative EPs and albums with artists including Roza Terenzi …

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Producer based in Austria. Watching Cassy eagerly dive into her record collection is a joy. Away from the transcendent spaces she continues to play at most weekends, her vinyl-digging series Talking About My Records on Instagram gives ample opportunity to engage with her endearing excitability. Its concept being spurred by moving back home to Austria …

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Monika Ross

Producer based in Australia. Australian born producer & spinstress Monika Ross is an artist who constantly raises her head above the barrier. Miss Ross rolls with a certain swagger both behind the booth and in the studio. A trailblazer fusing minimal/breaks/house and garage she constantly pushes the boundary in all things beat orientated. Her ability …

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Ash Lauryn

Producer based in the USA. Ash Lauryn balances between two worlds, with an old-school house-head foundation and a digital age suaveness, blending her skills as a deejay, writer, curator, and radio host to champion black dance music. Discovering her passion for music in her native Detroit, she was inspired to start deejaying in her current …

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