Producer based in Austria. Watching Cassy eagerly dive into her record collection is a joy. Away from the transcendent spaces she continues to play at most weekends, her vinyl-digging series Talking About My Records on Instagram gives ample opportunity to engage with her endearing excitability. Its concept being spurred by moving back home to Austria …

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Octa Octa

Producer based in New Hampshire, USA. Maya Bouldry-Morrison has been releasing music as Octo Octa since 2011.

Roze Wild

A new signing to dancefloor titans Glasgow Underground, self-taught producer Roze Wild first clocked attention at the top of 2021, under the name HENNNY, for her club-ready, sample-based ‘flips’ – ranging from Notorious B.I.G’s ‘Juicy’ to House of Pain’s ‘Jump Around’. The 25-year-old’s journey to developing her own distinct sound takes in barn parties in …

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Jen Payne

Producer based in Dublin, Ireland. Jen Payne’s DJ career in Ireland was taking off when the pandemic hit. Instead of letting it get to her, she put the free time to good use and dived into music production. Now, two years on, she is ready to release a hatful of heavy beats. She loves tech …

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Anfisa Letyago

Producer based in Naples, Italy. Young, talented, charming and charismatic, Anfisa Letyago is rapidly becoming one of the breakout stars of tomorrow. Her musical journey began almost 10 years ago in her home town of Naples where she first began to experiment with Djing and productions, driven by pure passion. Fast forward to 2016 where …

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