Producer based in Brussels, Belgium. Leese is an electronic music producer from Brussels. Her artistic approach is to create a fusion between the different musical styles that influence her daily life since several years.Percussion with tribal sounds, a heaviness that we recognize in bass music, shifted and dancing rhythms — this is what qualifies the …

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Moore Kismet

Producer based in Los Angeles, USA. 17 y/o DJ + producer + actor + visual artist // they/them

Alison Wonderland

Producer based in Sydney, Australia. Alison Wonderland architects a world of her own design as its chief author, creator, and voice. The Sydney-born and Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, producer and DJ first emerged in 2009, and since then her sound has quietly inched towards mainstream ubiquity as the sonic sorceress received the “Highest Female DJ …

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Canadian producer and DJ from Niagara Falls, Ontario.


Producer based in Los Angeles, USA. Supported by electronic staples including deadmau5, REZZ, Black Tiger Sex Machine, Adventure Club, and more, HVDES brings a blackhearted yet thrilling aura to the next generation of electronic music. With deep roots in her local punk scene, HVDES possesses a versatile grasp of music across the spectrum, beginning with …

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