Indie Dance


With origins linking back to Italian shores, nomadic artist TIMANTI has spent much of the last decade refining their own style into one that weaves a tapestry of organic and electronic sounds from around the planet and beyond. Fluid and liberated from genre limitation, Timanti’s sonic alchemy transports listeners on an ethereal journey widening the …

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Katie Pride

Producer based in Dubai, UAE. International DJ and producer. Most of the experience was gained while living in other countries, such as the UAE, China, Vietnam. Katie started DJing in 2013, but devoted herself entirely to music only in 2017. Katie creates atmospheric compositions in the style of Progressive House, Organic House, Indie Dance, Melodic …

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Producer based in London, UK. Estonian born, Ilona aka LICA has enjoyed a rapid ascent through the Electronic music scene with her energetic and mesmerising sound inspired by a spectrum of genres and diversity of tempo. Touching the decks for the first time 15 years ago in her home country, LICA became well-known on the …

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DJ Kiwi

Producer based in London, UK. London based Kiwi has created a sound all of his own over the past 4 years Receiving support from DJ Harvey, DJ Tennis, Optimo, Andrew Weatherall, Daniel Avery, and Erol Alkan to name a few.

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