Zoë Mc Pherson

Producer based in Germany. Zoë Mc Pherson is a Berlin based multimedia artist, performer, researcher, sound designer, spatial sound shaper, DJ, curator and founder of SFX label & AV platform. Described as a “vanguard” by British publication Mixmag and “fearless” by Hyponik, Berlin-based Zoë Mc Pherson is a French-Irish multimedia artist whose practice absorbs elements …

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Pooja B/Ikigai

Producer based in Germany. Djing since 2009, Pooja B started producing music under the alias ‘ikigai’, which in Japanese means “the thing that you live for”. Her reason for being is to make people dance. Pooja B (she/her) is an Indian artist who is now based in Berlin. Her sound was heavily influenced by the …

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Producer based in the UK. Metaraph is a non binary multidisciplinary artist based in Berlin. They are a DJ, music producer, dancer, jewellery designer and performance artist. They started performing within the London queer underground scene firstly as performer in 2017 and later also as DJ in 2018 whilst they started travelling also across Europe. …

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Producer based in Austria. Watching Cassy eagerly dive into her record collection is a joy. Away from the transcendent spaces she continues to play at most weekends, her vinyl-digging series Talking About My Records on Instagram gives ample opportunity to engage with her endearing excitability. Its concept being spurred by moving back home to Austria …

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Linn Elisabet

Producer based in Germany. Linn Elisabet is a Berlin-based producer, DJ, and singer. Led by their own ethereal vocals, raw broken beats, and immersive sound design, their contemporary and transgressive interpretation of techno strives to reimagine possibility and desire. With a classically trained past in cello and church choirs, it is a given where their …

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